The Book Thief Book Report

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The Book Thief Belongs The Book Thief describes the struggle of identity between German and Jewish people during the time period of the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany oppresses the Jewish race, believing that they are inferior to his “pure Aryan race” which leads to a genocide of Jews and other members of society. The Book Thief centers around a young girl, Liesel Meminger, who lives in Germany. She develops an exquisite love for literature and risks her life to be able to read. Also, Liesel develops genuine relationships with the other characters surrounding her. Magnificat students deserve the chance to be able to learn from Liesel’s experiences in this novel. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak belongs in the Magnificat sophomore reading curriculum due to its focus on a strong female protagonist who develops loving relationships in her youth, and because it contains important messages about religious discrimination in history. Liesel, a girl in her youth, is the protagonist of The Book Thief. In the novel, she overcomes …show more content…
Hitler, the leader of this massacre, claims that Jews are naturally inferior to all other races and religions. He sends millions of Jewish people to concentration camps and they are exterminated. Hitler forces them to walk into gas chambers without knowing their final moments are imminent. This concept is important for Magnificat students to learn so that they can understand the terrible events of history. Since these students are a part of the future generation, they need to know about these catastrophic deaths so that history does not repeat itself. Also, they need to see how religious persecution exists in the world and be able to appreciate how privileged they are to have religious freedom in the United States. Magnificat students should be aware of the Holocaust because it contains many imperative lessons for the future and will help them appreciate their freedom of