The Book Thief Language Analysis

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Using words is a common way humans communicate with each other, but not to the best of the ability. Language used for everyday conversation is probably not very influential or manipulative. Words hold a remarkable power. If used correctly these words can be your greatest asset, as shown in the novel “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak. Throughout the novel, the power of words is present in many ways. With the power of words one can encourage and influence people to agree on an idea or belief. Furthermore, words can be the reason to someone’s survival. Finally, with the power of words people connect with one another. German dictator, Adolf Hitler, became the leader he was and the power he had using mainly words. Words can be very manipulative. …show more content…
Using words is one of them. Words can be the reason to someone’s survival. Just as how Liesel’s life was saved because she was reading her own book in her basement. When the sudden bomb attack occurred, everyone was outside but, “she survived because she was sitting in a basement reading through the story of her own life” (498). Liesel decided to write the story of her life in the notebook given by Ilsa Hermann. Just a few days before the bombing she was done writing and decided to read it over. Fortunately, it was during the attack that she decided to do so. Her story, The Book Thief, saved her life. All this time, from the moment she arrived on Himmel Street to the bombings, she learned the power of words, propaganda, the issues caused by them, and everything else wrong in her life. By combining all this, she writes her own book and ends it with, “I have hated words and I have loved them and I hope I have made them right” (528). This conveys Liesel’s realization of the power of words, how they can be manipulative and pointed out her attempt of mastering the art of writing and hoped to have made the words “right.” Another survival story in this novel is that of Max. Max just escaped from being captured by the German soldiers and left his house and family off to Hans Huberman. On his way to Hans’ house he kept Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf or My Struggle, with him. This book, a set of directions, and food is all that he took with him. He read the book during his journey. Out of the whole book, “it was only two words he ever tasted. Mein Kampf” (160). The title got his eyes over and over as he continued from one town to another. For the Germans, the Mein Kampf was like a holy book to them. But for max, it was a symbol of security. By having the book with him while on his journey, he would not be questioned by anyone because he would be thought of as a Nazi. His tactics did work. Max safely arrived at the