Essay on The Book of Esther

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The Persian Empire is arguably one of the greatest and largest empires ever in the history of the world. It was in place from approximately 550 to 334 BCE in Asia Minor and Persia. Throughout the time the empire was in place there were multiple kings that ruled it changing the cultures of the people living in the empire. The Book of Ester is a book from the Hebrew Bible written during the fourth century BCE that tells the story of a Persian king Achashvairosh. In the story information is given on how Persian Kings were able rule their vast empire for such a long period of time. The Persian Kings that ruled the Persian Empire were able to do their job successfully, deal with problems they faced, and keep their empire culturally vast because …show more content…
This angered Haman and so his power trip led to eradication of all the Jews. If Haman’s plan had not been stopped by Mordechai and Queen Esther his plan potentially could have led to the fall of the empire and or Achashvairosh losing his position as king. Haman’s plan caused what was essentially a civil war between Jews and non Jews. The non Jews hated the Jews and planned to still go through with Haman’s plan, because of this Mordechai created another degree with the permission of the king “The decree state that the king permits the Jews of each city to gather and defend themselves, to destroy, kill, and eradicate all the armies menacing them, children and women, and to pillage their property.”. The Jews defeated their enemies and were grateful to the Achashvairosh for letting them do so as the enemies of the Jews were grateful for the chance they were given. These problems Persian Kings faced were only two of many that they had to deal with but because of their methods of ruling they were able to get past them. With an empire as vast as the Persian Empire was, Persian Kings had to manage cultural Differences. One of the main cultural differences was that different languages and alphabets were used in different providences. In the Book of Esther they show how this issue was dealt with; “He sent scrolls to all of the king’s provinces, each scroll written in the alphabet and language of the province to which it was