The Borrowed Theory In Nursing Practice

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A nurse practitioner is a unique role “that incorporates the vital elements of nursing as well as philosophical theories, communication skills, diagnostic skills, coaching and educating activities and more importantly skills for developing reciprocal relationships with patients” (Barker, p. 30, 2014). It is an advanced practice nurse educator which facilitates learning using all of these elements to employs best practice changes in acute care settings. Borrowed Theory
Borrowed theories are also called “implied theories” which come from other areas of study such as “sociological sciences or behavioral sciences” that is relevant to nursing practice (McEwen, 2014). “The anchored instruction theory is a learning theory developed by
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The theory is able to provide “anchors” which are video-based real life encounters that requires nursing staff to solve the situation. This technique addresses nursing practice area of clinical nursing thinking which the basis for clinical decision-making. This learning theory also motivates staff by showing the value in the knowledge presented. The anchored learning theory can also educate nursing staff through active learning process. By engaging in discussions about the encounters and evaluating the content provided in the anchors nursing staff finds deeper meaning to why using a bar code assisted medication administration system is important to their individual nursing practice. The theory’s use of technology creates a user friendly environment. The theory is able to incorporate the barcode scanner tool as user friendly technology for the nursing staff to assess and revise as needed for implementation into …show more content…
The synergy model of patient care is shows treatment objectives, reduced costs, patient safety and patient outcomes. The anchored learning theory shows real life applications, problem solving techniques and meaning to practice. When meaning is provided as to why the solution is important such as with the synergy model of patient care and then adapting that solution to the environment with the anchored learning theory the nurse finds value in it. Both theories when integrated are able to provide an effective resolution for the practice problem of medication errors. Theories can be grand, middle or borrowed in nursing. Despite their origins theories are able to explain phenomena and provide a framework for application to guide nursing