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No one feels to have trouble listing characteristics of bad boss, but what makes a good boss, as it is a boss who is the face of an organization. In today’s competitive environment, a growing number of companies are coming to realize that a good boss is the one who can identify and build on talents of the staff. And he or she knows to retain top performing employee in face of heavy competition for skills and experience in a tight job market. Skills in communication and interpersonal relationship are in high importance, according to a survey by Personnel decisions international(PDI).
The good boss has a boss too and he tries to please her, but he doesn’t forget that his real power comes not from the realms above him but from the rank-and-file. A good boss is one who leads from front, is honest ,hardworking, willing to listen but still at the end of the day will lead and take the easy and tough decision, who operates on basis of fairness, who is not abusive, who is willing to empower and provide authority and ultimately rewards and recognizes success. The good boss does not tell you everything he knows but he does not lies and he doesn’t confuse dissent with disloyalty. He deals with problem quickly and directly. He always says thank you to his employee’s for what they do at work. He apologizes when he is wrong, interacts with his employees in regular basis, takes personnel interest in every person. A good boss knows he can’t be too friendly