The Bosworth Mansion: A Short Story

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Everybody knows the story of the old Bosworth mansion. It was used as an orphanage for quite some time. However, in 1961, the place took a turn for the worse. After the owners refused to sell, the property became abandoned. Although the house has been vacant ever since, not a day goes by without something strange happening. Things move, doors open and close, figures are seen through the dusty, cracked windows. The ancient Victorian house sits on the top of Parker's hill, always shrouded in shadows, even in the middle of the day. Wind howls through the cracks of the crumbling brick walls. Dead vines form a twisted maze clinging to the sides of the house. Now left to teenagers, vandals, and ghost hunters, this dark and eerie place give people the creeps.
It was
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Never had I ever actually been in the mansion myself but I've heard plenty of stories from kids at my school.
"What about our parents?" Questioned Allison. "Just tell your parents that you're staying the night at my place and I'll tell my parents I'm staying with you." Explained Lucy.
We left that Halloween night at dusk and rode our bikes to the top of the hill. As we approached the front of the gates, there was something about pushing the heavy iron bars open that wasn't welcoming at all. Frozen in fear, the three storey tall mansion stood, lurking in front of our very eyes. A cool shiver trickled down my spine. Monstrous tree cornered the place. The front lawn weeds were grown past my knees as we walked slowly up to the big front door. It towered over us like we were just microscopic ants. Then I managed to find the guts to hastily push the unlocked, creaky door open.
"Maybe this isn't a good a idea. Like we could get caught and be in big trouble with our parents and the police." Stuttered Timothy before we entered.
"You chicken! We can't back out now." Exclaimed