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particular Christmas so special, what distinguished it from all the other spirited years, was that my grandmother was coming to visit. My grandmother, in few words, means the world to me. She has been the single most influencing figure in my life. Her chestnut-complexion only brings out her inner-cordiality that true grandmothers have, not her old age. The smooth white curls on her head only demonstrate the vast wisdom she has attained throughout her life and her overall presence simply brings out a sense of welcome, intelligence, and altruism. Grandma’s visits have always been the most exciting part of the year, and the fact that she was coming during the second greatest part of the year, just created something even more extraordinary. She would usually only visit for three months, and just for the summer. The rest of the lonesome year was spent eagerly waiting for her to return. My grandma’s presence was surely going to be the greatest gift I would ever receive. The only question left unanswered was what I would be getting her for the Holidays. I surely needed to impress her. I not only desired, but I was required (according to my own obligations) to give her something she would always treasure and appreciate. I needed to show her how far I would go to fortify my affection and appreciation for her. Unfortunately, my obstinacy would only bring about the first of many problems… The task at hand was simple yet crucial. I needed to head to the quietest and most tranquil part of my house, which was none other than my room. The instant I broke open the rigid wooden front door, I didn’t even bother concerning myself with my mother’s usual requests and questions of “Don’t forget to take out the trash.” “You better not leave your homework for the last minute.” “What do you want for dinner later?” I vivaciously sprinted through the Christmassy halls, decorated with the finest wreaths and brightest ribbons, and skated passed the mother of all Christmas beautifications, which was detained by the utmost glittering and colorful array of ornaments and would make anyone gasp (maybe even faint) from just staring at it. I couldn’t resist myself; I had to stop, just for a few moments, and admire the sheer beauty and majestic presence of the wondrous Christmas tree. Once I recovered from my worthy elapse of time, I continued the venture to my bedroom, eagerly swallowing the mesmerizing aromas of pines, cinnamon, and peanut-butter cookies. My entire home was a present itself, waiting to be opened and admired by anyone lucky enough to stumble upon its