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“Ruth,” I cried when I saw what happened. My name is Idjy. Today I am going to tell you a story about my sister Ruth. We were different ages. She was 15 and I was 27. I should tell you that Ruth was a pricey girl, always wore very expensive, nice clothes. She also loved to have boyfriends. It was convenient that she was pretty because all the boys wanted to be her boyfriend. One of these boyfriends though would be bad news for her later on in the story.

In 1987, the month of January I think, was an interesting month. Ruth (as usual) had a boyfriend named Benjamin Wihat. Ruth just loved him as far as I know. It was pretty obvious. She would always talk about him. She insisted I meet him so I told her I would soon. Whenever she was around him she didn’t have a care in the world she told me. One night when she came over, her arms looked like she was about to have an amputation to both arms! I asked her about it but she said she was playing football with some of her friends and got bruised. Now I had never seen Benjamin so I didn’t know but I started to feel like Ruth wasn’t telling me the truth.

The next month was February and I was starting to get mixed feelings about this Benjamin guy. Ruth was coming over with him for dinner because it was her “Suite 16” as she called it. I was both excited and scared to meet Benjamin and I don’t know why. As the night went on I started to like Benjamin more and more. But, when I learned that he was 20 years old I wanted to Ring Ruth’s little neck. I was about to say something until I looked at Ruth’s face she gave me that If-You-Say-Something-I-Will-Kill-You kind of look. So I just smiled and said great. As long as she is happy I’m happy. Feb. 14, 1987. Valentines Day!! Ruth, Benjamin, and I were going out to lunch. We were going to a fancy Restaurant called Finique I think. Benjamin seemed different…