The Breakfast Club Identity Analysis

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In this world you are born into an identity the second you take your first breath based on your gender, race, parents, etc. As you get older and start living life your identity morphs from the views of strangers, friends, family, then yourself. This identity formed is what creates you and defines you. Sometimes these identities clash because the way we perceive ourselves does not match with those around us.
Almost everyone I know in high school has an identity. As the Breakfast Club would describe it, they are “a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal.” The list goes on. When it comes to me I do not know where I fall on the spectrum. I could be a nerd, an outcast, or a nobody. Similar to the cast of the Breakfast Club,
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I am forced to live to the Indian stereotype according to them. Since I am good in school I am destined to be a doctor, which ONLY by coincidence actually might happen. To them I identify as the child destined to turn her rocks into diamonds. To my family I am an occasional failure and a disappointment but I somehow always figure out how to make them somewhat proud because they are never going to be entirely proud of me.
In the eyes of my coworkers, I am the happy go lucky little child that can be really profound and inspirational despite my hardships. My coworkers assume that everyone loves me because when people see me at work they run up to me and hug me. I am the little sister to everyone because I have the happiness factors of a child. I know my coworkers love me because they are practically my second family.
I do not have very many school friends, but I know that my peers at school only see me as a viable resource. To them I am the brains they need in class, so they will never ask me to hang out with them, but they will always ask me to help them with their work because I feel bad saying no. To my peers i am nothing but an answer