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The Breakfast Club was about five students who got in some type of trouble to end up in Saturdays detention. You had the jock which was Andy, the princess which was Claire, the basket case which was Allison, the Brain which was Brian and then the trouble maker who was Bender. These five students all had issues within them self as well as at home. They were all different and they believed that none of them had anything in common until they all learned each other and realize that maybe they are alike in some ways. They all come to be friends and overcome a lot, they search deep within themselves. However, Allison is the person who appeared to have the most personal conflicts to overcome in order to trust and become a pivotal character in the Breakfast Club. Allison was different but yet very unique person with a complicated personality. She didn’t do anything to get into Saturdays detention. She just had nothing else better to do, so instead of just sitting in her room that day she decided to attend the Saturday detention. Allison didn’t talk much throughout the movie. She would do weird things like make noises at certain times. Bender told the principal that “she doesn’t talk” when he asked her a question and she just dropped her head. However even though Allison didn’t speak much she was very observant. She watched how her other peers act and talked. She didn’t unordinary things like wrapping string around the tip of her finger to stop the blood from flowing and to see it change colors. She however did have one specific thing about her that I liked. She could draw. Allison drew a bridge and when she was done she used the dandruff from her hair to make it seem as if it was snowing, which in my opinion brought the picture to life. Unique but yet weird she showed that she knew how to use what she had to make something work. It also showed her creative side. Allison sat alone in the back when she entered the room that Saturday morning, she even sat the opposite way as to where she wasn’t facing the others and they couldn’t see her face. Maybe she thought that they wouldn’t pay attention to her or even care about what she did. Just like her parents didn’t really care about her. What I thought was so funny is how the principal didn’t even realize that Allison wasn’t supposed to be in there. It showed just how much he paid attention to the kids. No one really started paying attention to Allison until she started biting her nails loudly and Bender calls her out and says “if you eat all your nails you won’t be hungry for lunch”. Allison then reacts by spitting the nail she was chewing on out at him. As the other kids’ converse, Allison is to herself just listening to the jokes and them argue. Every now and then she would smirk, for example when Brian makes a joke about Andy wearing tights for wrestling and she smiles. Allison did join in with the group when they whistled she joined in for only one part and immediately stopped. It seemed as if she wanted to be a part of something but she was nervous. When lunch time came around Allison didn’t eat a normal lunch. She took the meat off and slung it on the statue and took two sugar straws and cereal and made her sandwich. Which was totally weird to the others. They just stared at her and she didn’t care she still ate her sandwich like it was a normal sandwich. Allison liked to collect things because when the students went to Benders locker she stole his lock. I asked myself what she possibly could do with a lock that she doesn’t know the combination too. Maybe I thought she collects different things to remember the different places she’s been and visited. Not like Saturday detention was somewhere fun to go but it was something she probably would remember. She always wore this black purse, in which she dumped out to show Andy and Brian. They didn’t seem to interest in what it was she had but she still dumped it out. No one ever knew what Allison was capable of or how her feelings