The Brilliant Downfall (Ming) Essay

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The Brilliant Downfall
Throughout Chinese history eunuchs have been regarded as pitiful and cowardly beings. It wasn’t until later on that eunuchs became influential factors in the Chinese government. They began to influence an emperor’s judgment, decisions, and lifestyle. But no one like Wei Zhongxian who immediately began to ingratiated himself with those of authority to obtain power in the Chinese court. His eminent power from rise to fall illustrated the Ming Dynasty inevitably decline. Through corruption Wei Zhongxain was capable of establishing a political dominance inside and outside of the palace. He was also able to wield power more efficiently than the emperor himself. By dominating and controlling government officials to his favor the Ming Dynasty was exposed as weak and would inevitably fall.
At the start of Ming Xizong rule Wei Zhongxian secured his position in the palace and quickly deposed of his enemies who opposed against his growing power inside the palace. He removed them from their positions only to ensure loyal officials under his authority. In addition, Zhongxain also influenced the emperor by leading him to dissipations “… such as sex, music, hunting, and gambling…” (The Rise and Fall of Wei Zhongxian). As a result, he was able to keep the emperor busy meanwhile he grew in strength. After the upbringing of the Grand Eunuch he deposed of more opponents and ordered for more severe punishments towards them such as exile and death. His power was