The Broadstripe Service Guarantee Essay

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Prof. Howard Muchnick
Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management in partial fulfillment for the requirements for HTH 102 Service and Professionalism

October 31st, 2013

Ryerson University

The Broadstripe Service Guarantee Customer service is an important factor to increase sales in almost all industries. Broadstripe, a small provider of cable, Internet, and phone services saw it as a solution to increase sales as their company was filed for bankruptcy protection in early 2009. To improve the customer service experience, Tony Lent, Chief Commercial Officer at Broadstripe, launched a 60-day MBG offering
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Example refers to the influence of a leader toward its employees. For example, Tony Lent would be a great example of influencing its employees to be successful because he’s helped the company to overcome its bankruptcy. Story refers to relating everyday experience to employees and giving them credit for what they have done well. This encourages employees to do and understand better from everyday life experiences. Reinforcement refers to constantly reminding employees to do well at what they do and think of ways to improve. If you remove any of the three from the equation, the probability of creating a new culture dies quickly.
Moreover, if those three things aren’t done consistently and continually, culture change dies with it as well (How to Create a Culture of Excellence, 2013). Broadstripes could also cooperate with its customers by asking them to give feedbacks on their service. This enables Broadstripes to further improve on their customer service experience and also, identify the problem of the service and quickly solve it. It is common for customers to take advantage of the service as they are free to try the product for 60 days with money back guaranteed. Broadstripes could minimize the potential cheating on its guarantee by setting stricter rules on terms and conditions. Rules such as it is only available in certain areas or for a limited time, customers only get their full refund back if there is a legitimate problem of the