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The Broken Cord During the movie “The Broken Cord” both nature and nurture were displayed. Nature is that which is inherited or genetic, while nurture pertains to all environmental influences after conception; such as one’s experience. In order for a child to flourish, he or she needs to be provided with a structured and organized environment that will benefit the learning of the child and help the parent become patient and dedicated to the child’s learning. In the movie, Adam was provided with unconditional love and affection. Adam’s father was supportive which caused Adam to excel academically. The nurture was displayed from the initial meet and greet between Adam and his father. The nature in which Adam’s father was raised was avoided in the way he raised Adam. Adam’s father ensured that Adam attended a school that would allow him to grow and learn to the best of his ability while allowing him to be surrounded by other children who exhibited the same traits and or characteristics.
Adam had a great rapport with his teacher which allowed his teacher to gain and keep his interest in learning, along with teaching him how to read. Adam’s teacher was his mentor; she was another person who played a vital role in his life outside of his parents. Teaching him how to read was a huge accomplishment, choosing a book of interest allowed Adam to phonetically learn to read. Vygotsky’s Approximate Development is when every skill is learned from a certain point and continues to grow; this stage of development is something Adam did not