The Brown Vs. Board Of Education Supreme Court Case

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Karina Perez

The Brown Plaintiffs are going to be given this award for the involvement with the Brown Vs. Board of Education supreme court case. The court case was challenging the Board of Education's right to segregate schools. There were 13 parents who sued the Topeka Board of Education because their kids had to go to a black school that was further away while a white school was merely a few blocks away. The Brown Plaintiffs were backed my NAACP to try to win this case. The organization hired Thurgood Marshall to defend the plaintiffs in the supreme court because the case was lost when challenged in state. The state used the Plessy vs. Ferguson case to justify why they couldn't change the policy. The positive qualities of the case are that they went and succeeded to get what they wanted dispute how everyone was against them. With the help of the NAACP they won the case allowing integration of schools. Even though the separation of school was illegal, many place took years to integrate schools. There were many risks that were taken in this case. There was a risk that the supreme court would pass this over and segregation wouldn't have been banished. The plaintiffs really risked their lives when they made they case so big. Many prejudice, racist people could have came after them. When the black children went to white school they still could have been discriminated against, bullied, or even hurt by the racist teachers, students or administrators. Because the