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Another way to achieve high quality care and learning is through interaction and play with the children. Teachers should talk to children at eye level in a calm and encouraging tone. Children need to feel safe and well assured in their place of care before learning can be introduced in the classroom. A child should follow an organized and daily routine that they can become familiar with. Teachers should treat each child as an individual and focus on that child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Children should never be yelled at and should always be talked to in a calm, and positive tone despite other things going on in the room. Infants should be engaged in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The toys in the room should be safe, clean, developmentally appropriate and rotated frequently to meet the needs of different ages of children and their growth. For example, if older infants are beginning to climb on unsafe items such as swings or teacher chairs bring out a small climbing ramp and encourage them to practice this new skill there. Parents should be encouraged to share ideas on lesson plans or areas they are working on with their child or would like to see their child grow. Non- mobile infants should be moved around the room so that they can experience different aspects of motor play. Children should be limited in hearing the word “No” and positive redirection and explanation should be given by the teacher. Tummy time, crawling, walking, dancing, singing, counting, reading books, fingerplays, painting, building and manipulative play are just a few ways teachers can help interact with children and improve their growth. Children should be encouraged to learn from mistakes and try again not to be shamed or put down. A child’s work should be displayed at eye level because our room is designed for their interest, self- expression and learning. Lesson plans should be individualized to meet the needs and growth of different levels of infants and be posted in the classroom. Teachers should communicate and engage children through daily tasks such as diaper changings, eating,