The Business Entrepreneur Paper

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The terms “entrepreneurship” and “entrepreneur” are used extensively today. Definitions have emphasised a broad range of activities including the creation of organisations (Gartner, 1988). There is a wide agreement among economists that entrepreneurship is a crucial factor in the diffusion of new technologies (science, 2001). However, entrepreneurial agents are almost invisible in standard economic theories embedded in the mainstream neo-classical paradigm. Within this essentially non-linear, neo-Schumpeterian, and evolutionary framework, entrepreneurship offers the decisive link between the technological system and the exploitation of the business opportunities within the market economy. (Grebel, Thomas, Pyka, Andreas, Hanusch, Horst, 2003) Initial conceptualisation of entrepreneurship in literature merely consisted of several personality traits like innovativeness, risk taking, achievement orientation, proactive orientation and the like. (Schumpeter, 1934; McClelland, 1961; Miller, 1983)
In order for a comprehensive assessment to be made of how motivation is associated to an entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg is the chosen entrepreneur for this paper. Zuckerberg taught himself how to programme computers and in 2002 he attended Harvard University to study computer science. Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room on February 4, 2004. The group quickly expanded to more universities and colleges, and that summer, Zuckerberg and his team moved to Palo Alto, California, renting a sublet and collaborating with investors like PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Napster co-founder Sean Parker. By August 2005, Zuckerberg had officially changed the company's name to Facebook, and after raising $12.7 million in venture capital, was