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Time management plays an essential role in calculating the success of a business. “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once” (Einstein, n.d.). For any company or individual to engage in successful time management, it must first have a structured vision and a strategic plan set into place to carry out that vision.

Statement of the Problem Mike is a husband, father and busy office manager; three very important roles of responsibility that demand a substantial amount of effort and planning to balance on a daily basis. If one of these roles falls out of balance, it can offset the anticipated direction for the remainder of the day. Mike’s lack of time management in his hectic lifestyle creates overwhelming chaos, not only in his professional life, but also in his personal life with his wife and children.

Possible Causes of or Reasons for the Problem Factors contributing to Mike’s challenging task of managing time are seemingly due to his lack of sleep and inability to remember important details or multi-task, disarray of organization, misunderstandings in communication, mental unpreparedness and possibly procrastination.

Analysis of these Causes or Reasons According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is one of the body’s required natural elements to promote a healthy well-being (Kavey, 2001). Lack of sleep has the potential to hinder the ability to focus and concentrate. When a person lacks focus or concentration, he or she has the tendency to forget important details such as dates for scheduled meetings or prearranged obligations. Not getting adequate amounts of sleep can also trigger unnecessary stress. The ability to manage multiple projects at one time or even prioritize simple tasks becomes increasingly difficult under stressful situations. Unorganized individuals are, without a shadow of a doubt, limiting themselves for any potential positive outcomes. This type of disarray not only effects present circumstances but also impedes future endeavors. It can lead to missed appointments, miscommunication and an overall mental unpreparedness for the day’s liabilities and commitments. Lacking fundamental components of time management can frustrate a person to the point of procrastination or even