The Calculus Essay

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Leonardo da Vinci, often known as the ‘Renaissance Man’ was considered one of the greatest minds to walk the earth. He carried several traits that made him a jack-of-all-trades. While I am in no way comparing myself to Leonardo da Vinci, I feel that through my high school experience I have developed many traits that qualify me as a ‘Renaissance man.’
Being interested in math and science, I have realized that I am logical and inquisitive. Using logic in mathematics helps you understand the problem rather than to just see the problem as solving a bunch of numbers. It helps you make sense of the problem as a whole. I believe I am inquisitive because I am eager to learn and understand how and why certain things work, whether it is collisions of particles and how they land, or how a certain ecosystem can sustain life under harsh conditions. In my high school science and math classes I have learned many interesting and useful ideas and innovations.
One of the unrecognized subjects that people often forget about is art. Art comes in many forms, such as painting, sculpting, acting, dancing, any form of music, and writing. I believe my artistic gift is in music. I have mastered the clarinet, bass clarinet, and contralto clarinet. I also know how to play all types of saxophones, French horn and trumpet as well as piano and guitar. I have an interest in all genres of music and have a wide range of artists on my iPod like, Enya, Eminem, Gustav Holst, Dee Lite, The Dubliners, and Michael Martin Murphy. Music helps express ones feelings and I know I would be miserable without it. I thank my high school band director who has opened my eyes to many new styles of music.
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