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Joshua Leonell Medel
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The call
“ Joshua , mijo wake up ! ‘’, yelled my mom as she rushed into my room shattering my amazing dream I was having so peacefully and realized as I woke up startled. It was a cozy saturday morning around seven am in Phoenix. It was beautiful at least until my mom told me why she had woken me up. As I opened my eyes confused, trying to get my brain back from the dream and feeling as if I forgot where I was I started at my mom wanting to know what had happened but I was also kind of scared to find out as well because of the expression she had on her face as if she just had seen the devil ! She told me that my dad had called at five in the morning and had left two voicemails. As I clicked hear voice mail on the phone and started hearing the first voicemail a cold chill ran through my back. It felt as if my sunny morning had just hit a unknown storm and clouds started to form all around my room as it slowly spread across the whole house as we woke up my sister to inform her on what was going on. As we all heard the voice mails together you can hear cries, sounds from all directions than my dads voice shouting at the phone my moms name “Ale , please answer your phone there a crash please answer please oh my god ! ‘’ , his voice could have probably been heard from miles away plus the vibrating sound waves that could be felt through my body from the way he talked could show how worried, scared, and confused he sounded . The second voicemail was even worse, as I trembled to hear it the phone seemed to weigh 100x more than usual as the voicemail progressed.
This time we could hear my dad in the background, “oh my god don't move please , don't move

ma’am !” , we could also hear cars passing and tires of cars braking to a halt real quick , than the worst part came ! My dad gave a sudden yell of agony and then sirens where heard and the call went dead. My head was feeling nauseous as my heart rate had accelerated to one of a sprinters. I felt as if everything around me went dark and as if I was alone in my room trying to control myself and the ocean of tears that were about to burst out of my eyes any moment as I tried to in take the situation slowly. As I came back to reality to hear my mom crying and sister, my mind started thinking once again, it felt like a factory starting back up again. I couldn't show fear or weakness in front of my family so I decided to call the police and find out about all the accidents that had occurred that morning , we were only 2 hours apart from the voicemail. It was heart shattering as we found out he was in the hospital, and once we did I drove us there. I don’t quite remember how I got there but it felt as if I had one goal only and everything around me was a blur and did not matter. When we got to the hospital we waited 1 hour till we saw him , it felt as if time around has as slowed down and finally when I saw him it felt as if time had stopped. As I stood in the hospital room my dad was in with family and close friends I saw bloody clothes in one corner, the room was kind of dark, and a switch in my head turned off and my factory in my…