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Career Exploration
Wendy White
MGT 521
June 15, 2015
Jennifer Mims
Career Exploration
The Phoenix Career Guidance System is another magnificent tool available to students. The Career Exploration tool would have been particularly helpful when I only had a couple of years work experience and was beginning my bachelor's degree. If this tool would have been available back then, I wonder if Business would have been my academic area of study.
The career recommendations fit well with a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Program Management. One of the first recommendations on the list is Business/Management Analyst. Supervisory Management Analyst is the job title of the position I have held for the past 14 years. Since I have worked for the federal government my entire career, it was a pleasant surprise to see non-government employers listed as having vacancies for this job title.
I am hoping the MBA with a Program Management concentration will help me transition to a Program/Project Manager position within the next five years. The Career Exploration tool allowed me to review the descriptions of each career recommendation and compare the specialized skills and foundation knowledge required. This information will guide me in what skills and knowledge I need to gain to be competitive.
I also took the 10 question career interest assessment. I wasn’t sure what type of results I was going to get as some of the questions were a bit unusual. My