The Case For Same-Sex Marriage: From Sexual Liberty To Civilized Commitment

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Eskridge, W. (1996). The Case for Same-Sex Marriage: From Sexual Liberty to Civilized Commitment. Free Press, NY. This book addresses the political controversy of whether to allow or forbid same sex marriages throughout the United States. This is a reputable source and a professional writing. The author states the propositions for both arguments. This is a very detailed book due to a thorough review of the laws that have been passed previously involving gay marriage in other states. The book is peer reviewed and the creditability of the author is valid. Eskridge supports his argument by reiterating the Fourteenth Amendment, freedom of choice in personal matters of marriage and family life (Eskridge, 1996. p.87).
Dino, A. Whitney, C. (2013). Same Sex Marriage and the Perceived Assault on Opposite Sex Marriage. Public Library of Science, 8(6), 1-8. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065730
This article discusses the pros and cons of same sex marriages and society’s views on legalizing same sex marriage. This source was located in the Academic Search Premier and is a scholarly journal written by authors that have declared no competing interests. Further evidence in the article is provided with polls and charts. Equivalence tests for dynamic effects on opposite sex marriage rates are listed in the article (Dino,Whitney, 2013 p.6). The article provides additional substantial evidence with a poll that illustrates projected differences in annual opposite sex marriage in states that have enacted same sex marriage laws (Dino, Whitney, 2013 p.5). The author has cited all sources properly at the ending of this scholarly journal.
Oneiowa equality for LGBT organization (2005), Marriage Equality Granted via Court Decision.