Essay on The Case of Taybeh Beer

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The Case of Taybeh Brewing Company 1. Conduct a SWOT Analysis for Taybeh Brewing Company

Strengths are the internal characteristics of the company that give it an advantage over others in the industry. Such strengths are: - Strategic market segmentation and implementation strategies. Taybeh focuses on sophisticated and educated beer drinkers. -Diversified market segments: ensuring the lack of dependency on one particular market. - The First Microbrewery in the Middle East. Being a first mover helps with success. - Hand- crafted natural alcoholic beer that complies with German purity laws. - Family owned microbrewery with focused owners and a good reputation - Produced in small batches to ensure premium
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Taybeh is the name of the Palestinian Christian village in the West Bank where the microbrewery is located and also means delicious in Arabic.

The company, which advocates the concept that “political independence is dependent on economic independence,” offers complimentary tours for tourists along with offering samples of the un-pasteurized beer.

Oktoberfest, the annual Bavarian beer festival, has been celebrated annually in Taybeh since 2005. It is not uncommon to find some Palestinians linking arms and swaying to music as is common in Germany.


The strategy of Taybeh Brewing Company will revolve around the need to provide quality brew to target customers, in the process fully satisfying their needs. This should be done through the execution of high quality control standards and technological innovations, as well as the recruitment of a professional production and sales team, and the production of good quality marketing data designed to cater for groups of target customers. This marketing data should be professionally done so as to be reflective of the intended image and reputation. Taybeh Brewing Company should position itself as a quality manufacturer that makes every effort to provide quench fulfillment, enjoyment, reliability and a good image.

With time Taybeh Brewing Company intends to establish a stronger presence on the World Wide Web, which will increase the knowledge of products to the