The Cask of amontillado narrative essay

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Narrative Essay
After the Cassk of Amontillado

Fourty nine years later and I had relived the day I killed Fortunato in my head about one thousand times, but evey time I think about it all I remember was him saying "“For the love of God, Montresor!” This was the last words that came out of that back stabbing "friend" Fortunato's mouth. I never knew what this meant did it mean that I brought Fortunato to the pit of desperation and dread, and he felt that god had left him behind? Or did Fortunato mock the "love of god" implying the same irony that I had used to lock him up in the crypts undergound. He didn't even reply when I screamed “Fortunato!” twice. He probably thinks that he won a battle from not replying but somehow I feal awful reliving his death. Was it really ok for me to kill him just for revenge from a couple insults he made about my family and its coat of arms. Thump, thump I heard the door being pounded on as I woke up from being deep in thought. "hello Montresor", said the fat police officer in front of the door. " were here about a cold case that happened about 50 years ago. Were looking for any clues about the death of Fortunato who dissapeared during the carnival season, my name is Alexander but you can call me alex for short." said the officer. Hello Alex I heard they never found a body in that case but could I know why you are at my doorstep telling me all of this. Alex replies saying "well we heard from a certain eyewitness that you bribed Fortunato into tasting a wine of yours, a southern amontillado was it?" Yes and who is this eyewitness you say heard me? well I'm not legally supposed to say but his name is Luchesi he is a wine tester in the city." Yes I'm quite familiar with Luchesi and I am willing to comply to anything the police would like from me. "Thank you we will come with our dogs and detectives tommorow morning and will expect full cooperation." Says Alex. I shut the door and am sweating a bit, Im not sure if they will identify Fortunato's rotting bones down in the crypts but just to make sure I will make the long journy to check. Its still musty as ever down here and creepy, I cough some as all the nitre is getting in my lungs. As I walk down I see my family crest and laugh as it is ironic that my coat of arms a huge human foot d’or, in a field azure; the foot crushes a serpent rampant whose fangs are imbedded in the heel. It is like I am the foot who crushed the snake that was Fortunato. But my laugh against the echoing walls seems distant and empty and I feel a painfull sting in my heart. I walk down to the small crypt I had walled Fortunato in and romove a stone from the wall and were i see something in the corner of my eye. There is a bucket of gasoline and mathes right next to the wall and I see and I see a sure fire way to make sure the police does not catch me. I kick the gasoline bucket and it spills and covers the floor of the whole crypt.When I peek inside I hear scurrying and see large rats run out of something, I look closer and realise they are burrowing inside of Fortunato's dead corpse and feel nauseated and pass out. When I wake up im in the crypt and have a huge gash on the back of my head where I fell on it I quickly shove the stone back in place and return up to my mansion. I get in to bed and get mentally prepared for when the police are coming tommorow. When I wake up I hear the loud barks of dog soutside and open the door to greet a dozen policemen and detectives and two large hounds. "Good morning Montresor can we come in?" asks the fat cop Alex from yesterday. I allow them to come in and let them search the mansion for a hour until I ask the policemen how much longer it will take. " Were almost done but can we look in your valts the dogs are going crazy whenever we cross the basement" says Alex. I give them permission and they all shuffle into the