Excel 2007, Security And Add-Ins

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Excel 2007, Security and Add‐Ins.
The first time that you attempt to open Excel OM in Excel 2007 you will be confronted with the following window on the screen.

If you have used previous versions of Excel you would be expecting the Enable Macros button to be enabled but it is not. Do not panic. Click on the “Show Signature Details” link. The following window will display the certificate. (Click on “More Information” if you want Microsoft’s explanation entitled “Enable or disable macros in Office documents”)


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Click on the View Certificate button and the following screen will appear.

Click on the Install Certificate button. This will bring up the Certificate Import Wizard as displayed below.

Click the Next button bringing up the following screen


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Click the Next button again bringing up the window stating that you have imported the certificate. Click the Finish button. You may infer at this point that you are finished but there is a little more to do.


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You will receive the final warning from Windows. Click the Yes button and you will finally receive a message of successful completion as shown below.

Click the OK button three times to back out of the open windows until you reach the original
Security Notice window. At this point the other two buttons are enabled as shown below. You


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