The Chain of Events Happened in the Book the Great Gatsby Essay

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Cause & effect essay
“Everything happens for a reason” everything in life is caused by a chain reaction; sometimes it is for the best, occasionally it is for the worst. Life has a funny way of making things happen, and even though sometimes we don’t understand it, we are part of a chain right now. A good example of a current chain reaction is one that happens a lot in high school, people get envious of others so they decide to start distressing them, and one way that they do this is by spreading terrible rumors about the other person. Once other students start to hear this rumor and believe that it is true, they blowout it to more people, more people spread it to more & more people, & the person who the rumor is about starts to get persecuted & harassed. When this student has had enough of all of this, the student will get into depression, start injuring them, maybe harming others also. Then one day the bullied teenager is going to snap & take their own life, maybe even other lives with them. This is a chain of events because if that one student wouldn’t have gotten jealous, then they wouldn’t have started the rumor, if they wouldn’t have started the rumor then other people wouldn’t be believing false information, if the people weren’t believing false information then they wouldn’t have bullied the student, if the student would have gotten help then they wouldn’t have harmed themselves. If none of that would have happened the student would still be here today, but because of a chain of events, the student took their own life. A similar chain of events happened in the book “The Great Gatsby” & because of this; Jay Gatsby’s life was taken. The effect was when Gatsby got shot because Daisy let Gatsby take the fall for what she had done. Daisy had been driving the car the night that she had hit Myrtle, but Gatsby offered to take the fall for it. Instead of arguing with Gatsby and doing the right thing, Daisy was egocentric & let her “lover” take the blame. There was a witness that saw the yellow car that had hit Myrtle, and once word got around, people told George Wilson that it was Gatsby who was driving that night & hit her with his car. George shot Gatsby in his swimming pool, but little did George know that it was actually Daisy who had been driving that night, it was Daisy who had driven drunk & upset, it was Daisy who hit Myrtle & didn’t stop to see if she was okay. Daisy let Gatsby take the fall for what she had done herself, and because of this, Jay Gatsby was shot & killed.
Daisy had been driving drunk & upset because of something that had happened earlier when she says " I won't stand this! Oh please let’s get out, please Tom I can’t stand this anymore!”(140/142) She couldn’t handle the arguing that was going on between Gatsby & Tom. It was also dark out & she was going way over the speed limit hit Myrtle & killed her. Daisy didn’t stop driving though, she continued going on her way, not even to stop and make sure that Myrtle was alright. Nick states “A moment later she rushed out into the dusk, waving her hands and shouting; before he (Wilson) could move from his door, the business was over” (144) The “business” meant Myrtle’s death. The first of the chain link to the accident was the fact that Gatsby & Tom had been arguing which upset Daisy, who then drove off because she hated the two arguing. Then with all of the factors while she was driving, if none of that would have happened then Myrtle wouldn’t be dead, & George wouldn’t have shot Gatsby. Daisy encourages the drinking by saying “open the whiskey Tom… and I will make you a mint julep. Then you won’t seem so stupid to yourself” (136) There are laws for a reason about drinking and driving, even though when people drink they feel good enough to drive, it is a proven fact that their vision and reaction is impaired. Even if daisy didn’t have that much, drinking is drinking and she may