The Chainsmokers Music: Song Analysis

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I listened to The Chainsmokers’ “Bouquet” album which mainly consisted of music in an electronica genre. Their music had an African American influence as most of their music had an important rhythmic activity. According to Campbell, a song has a “good beat” when all rhythms present plays an important role in the song. Additionally, The Chainsmokers’ music have an influence from composers in the twentieth century as they used synthesizers to create their recordings. Some common styles of rhythms that The Chainsmokers use in their music are syncopation and backbeat which makes their music enjoyable as their music were mainly about the beat. After listening to The Chainsmokers’ album, the two songs that I enjoyed were: “Roses”, composed by The Chainsmokers and featuring ROZES; and “Until You Were Gone”, composed by The Chainsmokers and Tritonal which also features Emily Warren. However, the song that I disliked was “Good Intentions”, composed by The Chainsmokers and BullySongs. …show more content…
This song in particular is in a rock genre, which I personally do not enjoy most songs in this genre. The song was very simple as it only has a backbeat rhythm with a riff-based melody. Additionally, with its simple beat keeping texture, I found the song boring and not as exciting as the other songs in their album. Furthermore, since this track is only played in a primary chords harmony, the song was not exciting and lacks energy to the rhythm of the music. Furthermore, with a riff-based melody, the lyrics did not have much meaning and sounded very dull. The lyrics sounded as if there was only one line that was repeated throughout the whole track. The lyrics explains how one has made mistakes throughout their lives and unable to change the history of what has happened. Therefore, I believe that this song is uninteresting as it lacks a “good beat” with its simple and short vocal