The challenges and opportunitiesHuman resource management Essay

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The biggest challenges and opportunities for new managers entering Human Resource Management
Human resource management is an organizational function which handle the issue related to people, such as recruitment, hiring, safety, benefits, motivation, training and so forth(Gaynor Borade 2013: np).For modern enterprise management, as the carrier of knowledge information, technology and other elements, human resource is the key of enterprise's existence and development. Thurs human resources are the most valuable resources for enterprises, the essential competition between enterprises is the competition of talents.As a result, in the current economic climate, more and more people choose human resource management for their jobs. This report will analyze the opportunities and challenges when new managers entering human resource management.

Main Body
(1) Opportunities
Human resource is the primary resource to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. People is the most active and positive factor in all of production factors(D. Shivarudrappa 2010: 3-5). Thurs, human resource is the most valuable resource.The United States is the first country which paid attention to the value of talents in the world. It not only pays attention to the development of its own human resources, but also tries hard to attracting other foreign talents. According to statistics(Dongbiao Wang 2009 :25-27), between the 360 of most outstanding scientists in the United States since 1900, 65 scientists was introduced from abroad, accounting for 18% of the total. In 114 scientists who got Nobel Prize, 40 scientists was introduced, accounting for 35%. In nearly 50% high-tech firms, foreign scientists and engineers takes up more than 90% of total technical talents. The United States promotes its economic development through the talents who was attracted by its strong economic strength and favorable immigration policies. This example tells us an indisputable fact: human resource is very important. Thurs, human resource management department is an vital organization for enterprises. If you work in this department, you can make full use of your capabilities and gain lots of experience.

However,in current age many small and medium-sized enterprises still have not set up the human resources department. Most of them use officers to perform the function of human resource management. Even some enterprise have the human resource department, there are still some problems. The people who work in human resource management are usually lack of professional knowledge and skills. They did not take enough occupation training. Xiaohong Zhou the director of evaluation in human resource management office in China argued: "China has about 5000000 human resource practitioners. But the percentage of actually having learned human resource’s professional knowledge is quite low is only about 20%."(Sznews 2009: np). So there are still a large amount of needs for high-level talents of human resource management. If the new managers have a better professional background, it is easy for them to enter the industry.

(2) Challenges
From the features and functions of human resource management, it is not difficult to find that the practitioners should have the ability to put the knowledge that they have learned into practice ability. Also they need the ability to collect information and make a correct decision based on the information. Furthermore, the department is closely related to people. Everything they have done will has an impact on other people. So, they must have a strong capability to communicate effectively with other people. Whether you are qualified for the job or not, to a large extent, depends on your capability of communication.