The Challenges Of The Second-Age World: Changes And Change

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Chase Crowell
APWH Unit 2 Reflection The period of 600BCE-600CE experienced a variety of changes and challenges between the many diverse civilizations of the Second-Age World. These societies experienced internal changes in their political system and the belief of new religions and philosophies. As for challenges the people of the 2nd-Age World mainly centered on conflict with close or neighboring civilizations and the many environmental interactions the civilizations faced. Many societies aimed to unite their people and a way they tried to do this was by changing governments and political beliefs. An example of political change is in the Roman empire. Starting off as a dictatorship, Rome then became a republic and the empire soon began expanding. Fearing the empire would collapse under this form of government because of the increasing size of it, The Empire became a dictatorship as it was now ruled by an emperor but still had republic influence. It was also common for empires to worship one single religion as a way to unite the people. Rome is another good example of this as after the Western part of Rome collapsed the emperor of Rome where struggling with keeping its diverse people united. In an attempt of restoring its unity the empire banned all polytheistic religions and made the major religion Christianity. Change wasn’t the only thing societies faced; the external Challenges also played an important role in the organization of society. Many