The Change Analysis: Images Of Change

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The Change Analysis - Images of Change
Change Image
Director style: Change is a strategic choice made by managers.
Application to Company #1 Caesar Palace Entertainment: The bankruptcy plan voluntarily put forward by Caesars is complex on its own and a decision took by management.
Application to Company #2 MGM Resorts International: MGM Resort Green Advantage, Sustainability Innovation.
Pressures for Change:
#1Caesars Entertainment had to make the change due to the massive debt load of 18.4 billion.
#2 MGM this Innovation change was due for the company improvement and to lead competition.
Differs from others how?
#1 Caesars differs from others because even they filled bankruptcy they still are in operation.
#2 MGM differ from others that they are number one leader the casino industry in Las Vegas.
Unintended consequences from Image
#1 Caesars bankruptcy consequences for the image will be their credibility and accountability.
#2 MGM innovation will cause not unintended consequences, it will cause intended consequences of improvement a good image reputation.
Navigator: External factors will occur and the manager has little control.
For Caesars unfortunately the bankruptcy has external factors and one of them is competition and manager has little control of it. MGM has external factors and one of them is also competition, they started the innovation in order to compete. Manager has all the control over the innovation.
Pressure for change
#1 Caesars has pressure for change due to bankruptcy and in other to reduce cost and the external factors for it could be the competition and bad management or CEO bad decisions of how to use the budget. They expended in the new attraction the Linq the ferries Wheel a lot of money and it is not successful.
#2 MGM has pressure for change because they want to lead in business and the green innovation made them number one and upgrade their reputation. It are internal factor and manager has more control.
Differs from others how?
#1 Caesars differs from others because even they are in bankruptcy they stated that “I want to emphasize that as we move through this process, all of our properties are open for business and continue to operate normally”
#2 MGM Resorts International is committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship, bringing value to our shareholders and the communities in which we operate.
Unintended consequences from Image
#1 Caesars, for them when a bankruptcy decision is took by the company the manager can do little or nothing to change the consequences and the external factors could be many but one of them is that the debtor don’t want to extent the credit to the company because they don’t have a way to pay them in the time accorded.

#2 MGM innovation is not only company initiative it is also part of management and employees together because everybody put the effort to make the innovation possible.
Nurturer: Assumes small change have large impacts.
Caesars is looking to reduce the debt with the changes of downsizing by nearly 10 billion.
Green Advantage is MGM Resorts environmental