The Character Profile of the 12 Jurors in the Movie 12 Angry Men Essay

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Twelve angry men character profiles
Create a character profile for each of the 12 jurors:
Juror 1: juror 1 supervises all the other jurors, he takes his role seriously and wants to be as fair as possible, and he never shows any sign of aggression and listens to the other jurors opinions.
Juror 2: juror 2 is the most innocent of the group; he is easily persuaded by the other jurors and can’t make up his mind, he keeps going from guilty to non-guilty and cannot explain his opinions on the case.
Juror 3: juror 3 is aggressive; he gets easily infuriated and thinks that the defendant is completely guilty until the end of the play. In the end, juror 3’s emotional behaviour is revealed; his poor relationship with his son has an impact on what he thought of the defendant. When he reveals his secret that’s when he votes non-guilty.
Juror 4: Juror 4 is a logical man, he tries to avoid jurors in engaging in emotional arguments and to engage in a rational discussions, he doesn’t change is decision until the witness testimony is apparently not trust worthy due to having poor vision, she never had he glasses on at the crime scene.
Juror 5: Juror 5 is the youngest of the group and is nervous about expressing his opinions in front of the jurors. He grew up in the slums, he had witnessed knife fights which would help the juror 8 in one of his opinions, and bring everyone closer to picking not-guilty.
Juror 6: he is described and an honest but dull-witted man in the novel, he is slow to see the points made by juror 8 but eventually agrees with him.
Juror 7: at the start juror 7 admits that he would have done anything to miss jury duty, he represent the real-life individuals who hate jury duty and doesn’t care if the defendant is innocent or guilty.
Juror 8: Juror 8 is the one who votes not guilty at the start of the novel, he is the only one who cares most about the life of the defendant, and is the only one with an open mind, and he says that the defendant might be guilty but it is possible that the defendant…