The Characters In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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In many famous stories and films, characters have to take a step out of their comfort zone and do whatever it takes to survive, and the short story The Most Dangerous Game is an excellent example of this. Author, Richard Connell, wrote about a man named Rainsford, and his crazy adventure on Ship-Trap Island. Rainsford has prepare for a major challenge with little notice. The similarities and differences of the characters and the plot events make the book and movie version of The Most Dangerous Game very interesting. The characters’ actions in The Most Dangerous Game prove to be a major factor in how the work of fiction turns out. The characters are in correlation in many ways. For example, Rainsford and General Zaroff are both experienced …show more content…
One similarity is that General Zaroff becomes bored of hunting in both the text and on the big screen. Since this is so, General Zaroff turns into a human killer in both the work of fiction and the show. Moreover, Rainsford wins the game in both the booklet and the movie. Accepting the data, Rainsford escapes Ship-Trap Island safely in both editions of the story. However, the plot events of the publication and the film are contrary to each other in many ways too. In the paperback, Rainsford purposely stays on the island in order to kill General Zaroff. In contrast, Rainsford leaves the island in the video. Another difference is the General Zaroff dies because in the story because of premeditated murder. Nevertheless, in the movie version, General Zaroff dies because of self-defense. This distinction is important because it changes how the reader or watcher thinks about General Zaroff. The similarities and differences of the plot events in the text and motion picture may change how the reader or the onlooker think of The Most Dangerous Game, but both versions of the short story get their point across and are