The Chemistry Behind Criminology Essay

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What’s the chemistry behind criminology?
{Big Question}
Criminalistics is the forensic science of analyzing and interpreting evidence using natural sciences.Criminalists examine physical evidence to reconstruct a crime scene.
Physical evidence can be saliva ,tears,semen ,a weapon, a piece of clothing, a bloodstain or drugs. Fingerprints, bullets and shoe samples are some of the important clues that criminalists use to slove the crime.In this technique DNA will be seperated from from blood stains,semen stains or hair roots will be used for main ev.
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What is criminology?
To summarise this in the easiest way possible, criminology is the scientific study of criminals. This includes using various methods and triangulating information and using the most reliable theory for your case.

Why people commit crimes?
Using a range of theories is crucial whilst working on cases, the reason being is so that the criminologists get a fair understanding and knowledge

Rational choices:
This is generally done by the interest in killing or committing a crime all due the excitement of getting caught and being punished
Social disorganization theory:
This theory is based on what type of environment the criminal has lived in or is living in.Sometimes crimes are committed by people just to fit in and be apart of whatever environment they live in and the main purpose is for them to make a name for themselves.
Strain theory:
This is when people fail to achieve and the only possible way they feel is to achieve is by committing crimes.
Social learning theory:
Criminals develop interests to commit crime and the skills to commit crime through the people they associate themselves with.
Social control theory:
Most people commit crimes for the feeling of power and control. They have this mindset of “
I’m in control, you do as I say” a nd to achieve this they resort to killing.
Biology, genetics, and evolution:
This is the most hard hit theory because this has a lot to back itself up by. Poor diet, mental illness, bad brain chemistry and genetics. How is Criminology used?
Criminology plays a huge role in society.Criminologists have quite a big job because

they become the brains behind cases.Their job is to find reasoning behind why criminals commit crimes. These don’t necessarily mean the odd bank robbery

What would you need to do while looking into case?
As a criminologist there's a wide range of appropriate research to help conduct further more reasoning with your cases,some