The Chicano Movement: Dolores Huerta And Cesar Chavez

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Chicano Movement The Chicano movement was a Civil Rights movement that that tried to extend the Mexican American Civil Rights in the 1960s. The Chicano movement was a cultural and a political movement that helped construct new transnational cultural identities and it also fueled a Renaissance in politically charged visual, literary, and performance arts. This movement began after Dr. Martin Luther King and African American Civil Rights Movement that had intended for all Americans of color struggling for equality regardless of their origin be included. The Chicano movement just like the African American movement addressed how they were being discriminated in public and private institutions so in response to this Mexican Americans with different …show more content…
Huerta and Chavez initiated strikes and boycotted various fruits and vegetables for Mexican American farm workers’ rights, because those farm workers were being exploited. One way that they were being exploited was many of the migrant families weren’t able to stay in town for a long time. So that meant that their children weren’t able to go to school no longer than three years before they were out picking up produce for growers. Both the children and adults being out in the fields all day, they were exposed to poisonous pesticides along with having the harsh sun on them for long periods of time, and many other detrimental conditions. The union had failed in its early attempts to bring about reform, but in 1964 it was strengthened when the U.S. government’s termination of the bracero program that allowed the importation of temporary labor from Mexico. This termination led to a reduced workforce for growers and it enabled the union to affect changes as the U.S. growers were desperate for U.S. …show more content…
The Chicanos were growing disenchanted with the Democratic and Republican parties, so they saw a need for a third political party that would refuse to compromise with these traditional groups. To bring the Mexican American values and needs under one political banner the Chicanos organized the Raza Unida Party (RUP). Even though the RUP failed in its initial efforts, it gave the Chicanos a paved way to enter the political arena.
Ramírez, S. A. (1960). Chicano movement Chicano movement The Event: Movement in which Mexican Americans defined and took pride in their own identity, asserted their civil rights, and worked toward self-determination by improving their financial, social, and political circumstances Also known as: El Movimiento Date: 1960’s and 1970’s