What Is A Safe Healthy And Nurturing Environment For Children

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Practice Evidence Record Diary

Unit 3: Safe, healthy and nurturing environment for children

Task 2:

P3.4 Describe how a child has been supported and reassured.

The children were asked to write their own version of a traditional story. The children were to write the story up in their best handwriting and were asked to figure spellings out on there own. Myself and the TA were asked to not provide spelling help as this was to make an accurate assessment of the children's individual progress. Whilst checking around the class I noticed that one of the children were crying, I asked the child what was wrong. The child was worried that they would not have there work done in time, I reassured the child, explaining that the work did not have to be finished today and that they would be given time later on in the week to complete it. I stayed with the child until they had calmed down; once the child was calm I informed the T.A. what had happened, she asked me to keep checking on him, I agreed with her and when back several times to insure he was still calm. I praised the child's work and told him he was doing well.

P3.5 Explain procedures for passing on information concerning a child to an appropriate person in an accurate way

In my setting each activity that er are supervision we are given a form with the target which each of the children in that group are working towards, information on what you should include in your teaching and ways in which you can carry this…