The Chinese Exclusion Act

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The Chinese Exclusion Act The United States of America is a typical country that stresses fairer for people. Americans advocate that everyone should be free and equal. They emphasize the basic rights of humans. In the Declaration of Independence, it says people have three unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nobody can despoil these rights without suitable reason. But, after a hundred years that the Declaration of Independence was passed, the American government passed a very unfair federal law. It unreasonably deprived these unalienable rights of the group of people who live in America. They lost liberty and were treated unfairly. The act was named The Chinese Exclusion Act.

The Chinese Exclusion Act
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After 10 years that the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed, the act was extended 10 years by Geary Act. Then in 1892, the act was extended again with unlimited duration. Most Americans strongly supported the Chinese Exclusion Act, including the Knights of Labor. Because they believed the Chinese labors would lead to keep wages low. But the Industrial Workers of the World openly opposed the Chinese Exclusion Act from its inception in 1905.

The repeal of the act

During World War II, China and America wanted to become an alliance to oppose fascist, however the Chinese Exclusion Act was became an obstacle between China and the United States. So the president Roosevelt suggested abolishing the act. Finally, the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed by Magnuson Act on December 17, 1943, which permitted Chinese nationals who already resided in the United States to become naturalized citizens and stop hiding from the threat of deportation. It also allowed 105 Chinese to immigrate to America per year. But in facts, many states also had many laws to oppose Chinese, such as in California, the law wasn’t allowed Chinese people to marry with the whites. Until 1967, the America Congress unanimously decided to repeal all laws that were opposing Chinese in every state.

Apologize for the act The Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed just because of American government wanted to become an alliance with China. They didn’t know that the act was a big mistake. This