The Chosen Chapter 5 Analysis

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The Chosen is a powerful novel written by Chaim Potok that is centralized on the lives of two young Jewish boys. Most of the chapters in this novel are quite long in length, discussing topics such as religious cultures, perceptions, and father-son relationships. However, chapter 5 contrasts this trend greatly, for it is only a mere seven pages long. Many would question the author’s purpose of including this chapter in the novel, but it conveys multiple underlying purposes that the readers must discover for themselves. Chapter five of The Chosen was strategically created in order to slow the pacing within the text, to show a glimpse of Reuven’s upbringing and home life, and to demonstrate Reuven’s changed viewpoint of the world around him. To begin with, chapter 5 …show more content…
This ties back to the recurring motif of sight that is demonstrated multiple times within the novel. He had gained a newfound appreciation of everything he sees. Reuven remarks, “ I had spent five days in a hospital and the world around seemed sharpened and pulsing with life” (144). This statement applies to Reuven in a literal and figurative sense. Because of his successful eye operation, Reuven naturally has gained an improved eyesight. As for the latter, indicating his clearer vision by stating that the world seemed “sharpened” may allude to his enhanced state of mind. Reuven had been in the hospital for 5 days, where he had been closed off to most of the outside world because of his inability to use his eyes. This new focus he has gained not only applies to the visual and physical objects in his surroundings, but also to his impressions of other people - particularly his view of Danny Saunders. As shown in earlier chapters, the polarity between Reuven and Danny gradually lessened as Reuven learned to act more accepting towards Danny. In this chapter, Reuven finally becomes attentive to these