The Chrysalids Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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As much as we try to deny it history has shown again and again that humans fear difference. This theme is one of the many similarities the book 'The Chrysalids' shares with the movie 'Powder'. Other similarities include physical attributes, societal reaction and events and outcomes. The most obvious connection between 'The Chrysalids' and 'Powder' is that the protagonists both possess unique abilities that vary from the "norm". These mutations give David the ability to communicate using thought shapes and give Powder increased electron powers. These powers result in a high I.Q., an alarming electrical presence and similar to David a telepathic ability to sense the emotions and thoughts of others. In both worlds their capabilities are influenced by their emotions such as when Petra's distress blocks David's abilities or when Powder's anger …show more content…
To make this predicament hit close to home, so to speak, both stories employ parental rejection to spark our sympathy. We are worried for David the minute he shows signs of abnormality because the author emphasizes his father's role in suppressing mutations. Likewise Powder's father abandons him due to his mutation. Unfortunately their relationship woes have only started. In 'The Chrysalids' David and Rosalind face familial issues invoking a Romeo and Juliet-esque feel. We can compare this to Lindsay's father's opposition to Powder. However, it is Anne's marriage to Alan that most similarly mirrors the movie because the problem is caused by the fact that one of them has a mutation. Why was that a problem? Because society was suspicious of difference. In Waknuk they have taken this suspicion to an extreme, banishing, hunting and even torturing "mutants" to preserve "purity". In 'Powder' the citizens are less radical. Nevertheless, the suspicion is there and leads to Powder being bullied and gossiped about throughout the