The Circle Of Life, By Victoria Braithwaite

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Letter to Editor Even if animals are like us, human rights for them sound a bit too unrealistic. I guess we should just let all animals roam free and make the whole universe go vegan (nothing against vegans though). In 3 articles, either written by Yong, Braithwaite, or Rifkin, there are solid topics that slowly reel their way into the ongoing and serious debate: Should animals have the same rights as humans? Where I stand is a difficult position. Animals should definitely have rights, but only to a certain extent. Animals feel pain, which is why they should not be abused. Animals are like humans, which is why they should be treated with respect. There is such a thing called “The Circle of Life,” which is why animals are where they stay. …show more content…
Fish are animals, and it was proven that they feel pain. Humans have nociceptors that actually alert us when we are hurt or damaged. Braithwaite says, “fish have the same two types of nociceptors that we do- A-delta and C fibers” (3). If these 2 same nociceptors make us feel pain and damage, fish should feel the same. Fish feel pain, then maybe other animals do too. Bottom line is that animals should not be abused. There is a difference between abuse and discipline. Reversing roles, if we were animals, we would never want to be abused. It is still not a proven fact that all animals feel pain, but animals do have a sense of