The City Of Sweat And Tears Analysis

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The City of Sweat and Tears

America is a place that is built on principles of hard work and the pursuit of dreams. These dreams are bigger than one man, they required men and women from all walks of life to unite together, becoming one. The force created by bonding together is so great it forever changed this country that is called home. This story of America can be found all throughout the writings of the past centuries, but Carl Sandburg's poem, "Chicago" paints a clear picture of the determination of America. Sandburg wants his readers to know about the effort put into building Chicago. He wants his readers to understand and know how the dreams became a reality. Charles Sandburg wants his audience to understand the pride of Chicago. The world is full of haters, and people are going to hate until something is said back in response. A mysterious "They" in the poem take shots against the city trashing it's prostitution and murder issues (601). Sandburg puts a stop to it saying, "Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning" (601). Sandburg's pride for Chicago leads him to snap back against the accusers with sharp and pointed words that beg for a response where none can be given. The haters are left speechless while the city of Chicago walks away laughing with its head held high and dreams becoming reality. A city does not ever become a perfect place, it is rather constantly evolving. Chicago is a city full of problems, but the people of Chicago did not let the problems stop them. Instead the problems serve as challenge to keep working past them, fighting towards the dream. Sandburg writes, "Building, breaking, rebuilding" (601). Failure was often the outcome of much hard work, but the people of the city would not let failure get in the way of the success they were so determined to obtain. Sandburg's pride for the great city shows in his use of personification. He compares Chicago to a man laughing in the face of people hating; people exposing all of the city's problems without crediting any of the good. Chicago sits back laughing and boasting, knowing it is among the greatest cities in the world (601). Sandburg wants his readers to experience the brute strength determination Chicago was brought up on. Beneath the tough and brutal appearance of Chicago lies the heart of the people