The city that never sleeps Essay

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The City That Never Sleeps
As the plane shifted from side to side I peeked outside the window and saw many buildings, which looked like thousands of Legos standing right next to each other. The lake right beside the buildings seemed as if it were clay. It seemed so unrealistic; I couldn’t believe I was in New York City. I had heard so many things about this city, I’ve seen it in movies, shows and pictures, but now I was looking at the real thing with my own eyes. I was as excited like a kid would be as they entered Disneyland.
Everything seemed so different from what I am used to, the houses were tiny the streets were as narrow as a hallway. As I roamed through the city, the streets were filled with people everywhere walking as if they were being chased by police, not caring if they had bumped into someone. The lights were fascinating; they were as bright as the sun. I didn’t even know where to start, there was so much to see. As I walked through Times Square during the night it seemed as if the sun came out all of a sudden. People were dressed up in famous characters everywhere, every single building had thousands of lights. I would see yellow taxis everywhere, I knew it was better to walk not only because I wanted to explore the city, but also because taxis seemed to be a luxury, since they charged so much just to get me around the corner. The history of this city was impressive, the views were indescribable. The parks, the builds and monuments were beautiful and…