The Client System: Joe, A 21-Year-Old Native American

Words: 610
Pages: 3

The Client System:
Joe, a 21-year-old Native American. He was a high school drop out because he needed to help support his family. Now he can not seem to find a good paying job that makes him feel worthwhile. His girl friend, Sue, got pregnant at 16 and they got married shortly after. Joe and Sue both use alcohol and marijuana.
The target issue:
I’m focusing on is Joe’s marijuana use because it seems to be very present in Joe’s life, He has a conviction with the intent to sell hanging over his head. Though he denies his use of the drug and he doesn’t talk about it much, he is on probation for it and shows signs of being on the drug throughout appointments that Sally has with him. I did not find a macro level system in this reading, but one