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The Coach Winn Effect The Coach Winn effect has had a positive outcome towards everything we, as softball players, have faced this year. The first effect of having Coach Winn as a coach would be a more respectful student athlete. Coach’s biggest rule would be a well-behaved person, to not just ourselves but to others; which means that we all must know what our respectable and shameless acts are. The second biggest rule would be to respect others and instructors because we should treat others how we would like to be treated. The last but still a big rule would have to be to listen to all the instructions given so our instructor or coach does not have to repeat him or herself multiple times because we hate when we have to give directions more than once to one another. Next, having discipline would have to be a big effect to why our softball program has such a high standards and are rising every day on and off the field. We are mandatory to have a certain amount of community service as a team, because it shows the community we care for one another and are not just selfish college students. In high school, I thought I could not survive without my cell phone but as soon as I got here to play softball, I soon realized that my cell phone was just a necessity and that there is a lot more to life than electronics. That is why coach has a rule with no electronics inside the school doors besides our iPods, because they are just distractions. Being early to class was never a problem for me because in high school we had the same rule…