Essay The Coca-Cola Company: Coke Gets Back to Business

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The Coca-Cola Company: Coke Gets Back to Business

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June 18, 2010
I. Background Throughout the world, Coca- Cola has established its name as one of the biggest selling soft drinks and leading distributor of beverages. However, there prominence has also declined due to unexpected events. These changes were also brought by new heads of the company. Coke’s former CEO, Roberto Goizueta had considerably increased the market value of the company but declined when he was replaced. Since another chief operating officer took over in 2000, Coke’s growth in the market was challenged by many investors on how
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By hitting the finance objective appropriately, this would direct towards expansion of affordable packages in certain cities like Beijing and Shanghai to activate connections to the customers. This would increase market value of company. The creation of products needs to be cost-effective especially in the quality that need disciplined routines for it to continue the good image of the company disregarding the past issues.

VI. Alternative Courses of Action

The objectives of the company provide a widened knowledge in providing strategies mainly in more consumer satisfaction since it would be tantamount growth of the product and its distribution across the countries. Additional marketable details about health awareness would help uplift another image of the brand. This should also include taglines that equate more of its consumption to happiness since health is a main issue nowadays. Thinking locally and acting locally as to the mindset of employees can ensure differentiation of the company. Investing on large potential markets increases the value of the product and activates purchase connections.

Another alternative course of action is through unique advertising and promotions of product. The innovation of Coke’s image should be appropriately designed thoroughly to increase its demand on consumers. Also, improving the awareness of strong competition in the industry will serve as benchmark as to current market situation.