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Imagine yourself as a knight in medieval times. Sworn to fight and defend the code of Chivalry, and the entire honor that comes with it. There are many archetypes of the knight in shining armor, but you are a far more battle hardened warrior than the tin cans of those legends. Speaking of knights, of the knights in Sir Gawain and the Green knight and the knight in the Wife of Baths tale, the Wife of Baths knight is more loyal to his code during the story than any other knight in the Canterbury tales. Knights back in medieval were governed by what we call the code of chivalry. This code dictated how the knights were supposed to conduct themselves as well as what is expected of them. The knight in the wife of baths tale kept his word which is one of the codes, and he married the old woman even though it was the last thing he wanted to do. Initially in the story he does commit offense against a woman, but as the story progresses, he evolves as a character and grows to ultimately respect them. In the story the knight is forced to go on a quest to find what a woman wants most, which again plays back in to the medieval knight persona. The knight in the story defends the code with his life because his was on the line anyway, so he is really looking for salvation and very much rests on his quest. The knights were alike in very many ways. All of the knights had extensive knowledge on the code, and tried to uphold it as best they could. All of the knights go on quests throughout their stories that involve danger or peril whether it’s a beheading, to the rugged world they must try and live in. In both stories women play huge roles in the fate and decisions that the knights in the stories must make whether they know it or not, the influence of women is undeniable. In both stories the knights are forced to deal with villains who know and use the code against the knights; however the villains prove to not be so bad in the end. There are many differences between the knights as well. First of all, we never even know who the wife of baths knight is, while Sir Gawain is a noted knight of the round table. Sir Gawain goes on his quest to prove himself worthy to be a knight, while the wife of baths knight embarks on his quest to save his own