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The Cold War

In 1945, the main reason for the start of the cold war was the alliance between America and USSR. It’s was called the Cold War because of how there was no active war between them, their fear of nuclear escalation kept them apart. USSR wanted to prevent Germany’s invasion by spreading communism through Eastern Europe. America didn’t agree so much with the idea of communism because they followed democracy. America had begun using their atomic weapons and the Soviets feared it. Truman, had a strongly dislike for Josef Stalin. The Soviet had always feared that America would use Western Europe to attack them. With all this tension right after World War 2, the Cold War was in the process and it had just begun. Truman worked hard to clean out all the disorder that the World War 2 had caused. Truman wanted a more affective establishment; he created a World Bank, an International Monetary Fund, and funded the recreation of Japan. He had the Truman Doctrine that helped other countries resist the spread of communism. He also outlined the Marshall Plan which rebuild and reindustrialization of Germany.
Stalin didn’t agree with Truman, anything Truman did he rejected the idea. He wanted to do things his way and he created buffer between the soviets and the Germany. He set up a pro communist government in Eastern Europe countries. The Berlin blockade begins and Truman wants to help them by ordering the Berlin airlift to drop food and other supplies they need to survive. In 1947, Truman incorporates Containment in the Truman doctrine that helps countries fighting the spread of communism. Truman made Western Eastern powers join N.A.T.O (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) so they can be save against the soviets invasion. In 1955, the Warsaw pact is formed by the USSR; it’s a military alliance of communist nations. Truman’s “Fair Deal” almost cost him the election when he wanted domestic policies and support for Civil Rights. The tension then led up to Korean War when the Soviets and North Korea invaded South Korea. When a new president, Dwight d. Eisenhower, threatened to use nuclear weapons both sides decided to declare a cease-fire. After Eisenhower was elected there was an escalated growth and a lot of new things that were established for example, The Montgomery G.I Bill, which helped veterans, buy homes. He also expanded the funding for Social Security and Federal Housing Administration. McCarthyism, named after Joseph McCarthy was all about the claim that communists had infiltrated the U.S