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The Cold War The cold war was a war that sparked controversies between nations. The causes of the cold war was, of course, a major part of the outcomes of the war. Also, the turning points of the war was very important. Finally, Canada during the cold war was very important to not only our country but a contribution to the war itself. The cold war frightened many Canadians and people all over the world of certain devastation itself. The causes of the cold war were possibly the most important parts of the war.
The cold war was mostly the different countries political parties staring at each other in the face. The Soviet Union was a communist political system. The United States was a capitalist political system. The two nations both had very different wants for the future world. “America's refusal to share nuclear secrets with the USSR.”1 The USSR didn’t like that the Americans were hiding the nuclear intelligence and felt threatened. That is mostly when the cold war started. Power brings out the worst in people. It seems to bring out people’s true colours.
Stalin at the time had a hunger for the power. Truman wanted the best for America.
The communist power was strong because of Stalin. He lead a nation of communists to try to recreate Europe. Turman noticed the actions of Stalin and tried to stop him before
America’s allies were being overthrown. “The Soviets had wanted to take Europe and reconstruct it to be communist nations.”2 The Soviets wanted to make the world into a communist world. While Truman knew what he was trying to do.

The communists were thought to be some of the most relentless type of political group there are. They had a reputation of killing people for their opinion. Stalin’s tactic to become the person in power was to kill everyone that didn’t agree with him. So Truman as well as other countries were afraid of communist attacks. “American fear of communist attack.”3 So the world was weary of Stalin. They thought that the Soviet
Union could easily revolt and take down the surrounding countries. The certain moments in the cold war that could’ve decided the fate of the world .
The moments that could’ve begun the war or ended the world. For example the Cuban
Missile crisis. In 1962 the Soviet Union was transporting nuclear weapons to Cuba only
90 miles from the coast of Florida. Of course the Americans took this as a major potential as a threat. “They ordered naval blocks around Cuba to slow the Russians.”4
The United States has submarines following the boats that held these missiles. The

worry of a nuclear explosion had never been so great before this point. If any combat would’ve been faced the world would’ve faced heavy losses. The world fate was in the hands of America and Russia. The greatly known assassination of the 35th American president was thought to be blame of the Russians.
The death of JFK was a great shock to the nation. The assassinator goes by the name of Oswald. Oswald the former marine corp. left the United States for a vacation in
Russia. Once he came back he decided to take schooling over in Russia and stay there for three years. Soon his Russian visa was about to expire so he had to return to
America. “Oswald sought Soviet citizenship telling the US embassy “I am a Marxist”.”5
Meaning that Oswald wished to be a communist. Oswald married and decided that he wanted to be a United States citizen once again. He returned in 1962 to later assassinate the president in 1963. Some of the turning points in the war had good effects. Such as the fall of the
Berlin wall. It had separated the East Berlin to West Berlin. The wall was predicted to stand for at least 50 years. It was put in place so that people from East Germany could not cross over to West Germany. “13,000 East German tourists escaped through
Hungary to Austria.”6 A lot of people were trying to escape to other places other than
East Germany. Once the