The College Challenge Essay

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The College Challenge

Our college career can determine what kind of job we will have, and who we will become in the future. As college students, education is now our complete responsibility. There are several challenges people may face as a college student. School can become stressful inside and out of the classroom, such as studying, group interactions, tuition, and transportation for example. Setting aside time and putting extra effort into oneself are important factors in becoming successful. There are many situations that can become difficult in college, but it gives us the opportunity to start fresh, and figure out our purpose in school.
As a college student, I am now in complete control of my education and everything is my responsibility. Some of the challenges I am facing as a college student are self-motivation and setting a long-term goal. Since this is my first year in college, I am finding it difficult to set a goal for my education. At the moment I do not have a major or specific interest, so I do not have a direction. This affects my motivation because I do not know what I am working towards yet. I am currently taking the general requirement courses, but still searching for something that really interests me. Compared to high school, a set curriculum has classes chosen for you. Your main goal as a high school student is to build off of those classes and prepare for college courses. College is harder because I have to narrow down to a specific subject of my best abilities. I have to choose my own classes that work towards a degree in specific field of interest. Some students already know what they want to do in college once they graduate high school, or even as a career. All of my life I have been involved in sports, so I may try something like athletic training or kinesiology in later semesters. For now, I am going to take different courses I find interesting, and see if I am skilled in a particular area that I like. Not having a major decided makes me feel pressured at times, but I hope to find one soon that can possibly turn into my career.
Paying for tuition is another issue in college. Taking multiple classes a semester can add up and be difficult financially. Classes may also fill up, and fewer courses are offered due to budget cuts. Students are also required to purchase their own textbooks. Compared to high school, junior high, and elementary, classes and books are free. I have been fortunate enough to receive money from my parents to help cover expenses. This semester I am taking three courses, so the amount of my tuition was not too high. I also searched for textbooks on other websites at the most affordable cost I could find. Some things that are school related may cost money outside of school. Paying for parking permits and gas to get to school are additional issues. It takes me about twenty-five minutes to drive to school on the freeway, so gas expenses can add up. Carpooling with a friend can be a great way to save money. I also try to schedule enough classes to make the most of my day. Budgeting the amount of money you spend on your college tuition is very important, even if you are getting help from others. It is important to get the most out of your