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I engage in mainly soccer and table tennis activities throughout my entire school year, while during leisure's I take part in dancing activities, most of this by the way was done when I was in Africa. My current intellectual interests are electrical/computer engineering and computer science. Electrical and computer Engineering as you know deals with the integration of several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop both computer hardware and software. Electrical/Computer engineers usually have training in both electronic engineering, software design, and hardware/software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. It revolves round the hardware and software components of the computer unlike plain old computer engineering which deals mainly on the hardware aspect of it. Electrical/computer engineers take part in almost every aspect of the computer integrated world, they could be described as people with two brains because they have both the knowledge of Hardware and Software on the palm of their hands, so they can take part in either of the jobs which need the involvement of both Computer scientist and Engineers. The design and hardware component of this course brought about the creation of Mechanized computer controlled objects known as robots who help in the day-day activities of humans by making it easier and faster. This major aspect grabbed my interest in this field as those who created the first computer manipulated objects didn't know the capabilities of this new creation and what it could do, my goal is t unlock the full abilities of this object by creating more sophisticated human like robots commonly known as androids which could be used in various aspects of life, from military defense to the replacement of human lost limbs , sounds like a work of fiction The Second of my current intellectual interest is Computer Science. This involves the practical and scientific approach towards