The Color Purple Character Analysis

Words: 689
Pages: 3

Within the first section of Walker’s The Color Purple, there were many big moments. Mr.___ and Celie’s marriage, Nettie moving in with Mr.___ and Celie only to leave soon after, Celie finding her daughter with her new mother at the dry goods store and Shug Avery’s illness. Firstly, When Mr.___ asked to marry Nettie, it was a long, thought out process. Alfonso didn’t agree with him wanting Nettie and wanted him to Celie instead since Nettie was better educated and not ready for marriage. In relation to the quotation: “Dear God, I ast him to take me instead of Nettie while our new mammy sick” (Walker, 8). Celie recognizes that Nettie was not ready for marriage, while their new mother was sick and that they find better things to focus on for the time being. Later in the section, Alfonso also recognizes that he could not let Nettie be married to him and offered Celie instead. …show more content…
Celie always wanted to know more about or talk and be with Shug, so now that she takes care of her, she admires her little features and things about her. “She got the nottiest, shortest, kinkiest hair I ever saw, and I loves every strand of it” (Walker, 56). When you are taking care of someone, you take the role of a mother or caretaker and admire the person you are taking care of. In Celie’s case, she admires Shug’s hair because it is different, and a mother is supposed to love her children for who they are and what qualities they possess.
In conclusion, I most enjoyed the plot development and character interactions because usually plot development is very bland, but Walker made it impossible to put down the book for this section as it was thoroughly entertaining and interesting while character interactions made the novel overall more vivid and relatable for the reader. I hope that Celie will be developed further and I would want her to be a happier character and hopefully she will have a change of