The Color Purple Comparison Essay

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The film adaptation of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple is about the life of Celie Harris who was a poor black girl married against her wish to an older black man. She was abused throughout her married life and she somehow finds a way to discover her own identity. The Color Purple deals with a very high power distance between men and women and black women were specifically mistreated not only by members of other races but also by men from their own race. Sisterhood in The Color Purple is one of the driving forces for good in this novel. It is sisterhood and this solidarity of each woman for the other that gives strength to each character involved. It is through this bond of sisterhood that they experience love, acceptance, spiritual guidance, …show more content…
She talks about “the sense of a family of women – blood sisters or not – who support each other with love.” This quote exemplifies the harmonious attitude each woman has towards helping each other. This is something the film adaptation of the film lacks. The major difference between the film and the novel is, unsurprisingly, the alteration of the narrative structure. We see a loss of sisterhood in the film in comparison to the novel with Shug’s character. Her character is rather different in the film. Her motivations in the film changes, she is now trying to please her father. This really takes away from the novel, as Shug is described to the reader as an independent woman who always did as she pleased. More importantly is her relationship with Cellie. In the novel, their relationship is quite explicit; this is not the case in the film. To meet the Hollywood standards, Spielberg takes away the scenes in which Shug is educating Cellie about sex. This scene in the novel is an important bonding experience for both women, and especially for the evolution of Cellie. Shug and Cellie develop a beautiful friendship in the film, however it is not taken to the deep level that it is in the